Thursday, November 10, 2011

What I am thankful for....

For the past couple of days I have continued to set time aside for me to really remember what I am thankful for. Initially, my family.  I am truly blessed because of the love and commitment that my husband and my children share.  I have two very wonderful children who have grown up to be beautiful people in every sense.  I have a kind and caring husband who is without a doubt my soul mate.  So I am thankful for them!   I also have some amazing friends and family who I am proud to share my life with. 
I am also thankful that my baby girl Wilbur is doing much better.  Wilbur was sent for release and her very first day out she fell from a tree.  Thank goodness she has people that care about her as they brought her to me right a way.  She was found dragging her back legs.  We were worried that she might had broken her back.  She was taken to the vet and was prescribed steroid shots daily for five days.  My husband is the bomb because I am really a big chicken and just can't give the injections.  My husband gave the shots and continued to take care of Wilbur even after she bit him pretty good.  He is such a trooper, so brave.  Today the little missy is doing well.  She even stretched her legs yesterday and pushed up on them.  She has been down now almost 2 weeks and we have now given her a little more room to stretch out.  She is such a beautiful baby.  She won't be able to make it out the door for her freedom until spring because she is no where near able to even walk yet.  I am so thankful that she has so many that care for her.  She will be on the go again soon!

So, thank you Jeff, Dani and Lyndsey for having hearts as big as you do!

Sunday, October 9, 2011

so nieve...

Sarah and I went to Saugatuck on Saturday to hike up Mount Baldhead.  After we did the great climb of 382 stairs we definetly were hungry.  We decided to go into town to have some dinner and walk through the little town that is along the water.  We decide to go into a place called the Mermaid.  It looked quite inviting.  So, we make our way into the place and when we walked in everyone in the placed seemed to be starring at us.  We made our way past the bar and kinda stood around just waiting for a hostess to seat us.  Sarah tried to grab the attention of the waitress passing by but yea....that didn't work.  She wouldn't even look at us.  We both had commented on how uncomfortable we were feeling and people were still starring at us.  Sarah & I both looked at each other and said, "I don't think I want to eat here".  We decided to leave and check out another place to have dinner.  Today my friend Meg called and I told her how we were ignored and just felt really out of place there.  Her comment, "Mary, it's because you two were pegged as lesbians".  I'm like, huh?  She said yes, these people saw two hikers, taking pictures and just spending the day together as girlfriends...lesbians.  It never occurred to either one of us.  But after I got to thinking about it....that they were seeing me as the "guy" because I was sporting a ball cap!  I guess kudos to Sarah for getting to be the girl in this relationship.  You know being "ousted" like this really surprises me because if you know Saugatuck then you are well aware that it is known as a gay community.  You see it all the time there.
Nonetheless, we had a fabulous day hiking it up all those stairs and seeing the absolute beautiful colors that Michigan has to offer this time of year.  Oh and man o' man are we feeling each and every one of those stairs today!  ouch....ouch...ouch....
Pictures to come.....

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Wilbur the Chunky Monkey isn't so little anymore...

Wilbur is such a good baby and will soon be off into the wild.  Although he isn't so chunky anymore.  He has grown up with quite the distinction though.  One I haven't seen before.  This brown baby has a grey tipped tail!  Yup, he sure does.  That's how I keep him apart from all the rest.  I will be posting some pics soon so watch for the updates.  He is doing well and going through the weaning process right now (which none of them like).  He does love his walnuts and his fruits but not his veggies too well!  Kinda reminds me of children.

Sunday, September 25, 2011

A new chapter...

I thought this day would never come.  Today was the day my baby boy left for boot camp.  Ugg!  Our day started out with family & friends gathering for a farewell breakfast for Austin.  It was so good to have everyone there.  Our time together was filled with great conversation and lots of laughter.  I couldn't have asked for a better way to start the day.  Our day was short as we had to say our good-byes about 1:45pm.  Do I need to mention that I was literally a blubbering idiot.  Everyone around me held it together but me.  Maybe that's just because I'm the moma!  None the less I am so very excited for the new chapter in life that my son is venturing into.  I am so very proud of the choice he has made.  Now, it will be more exciting to see the new young man that my son will be.   My hubby pointed out to me that we are officially empty nesters.  I don't like it already and it's only been a couple of hours.

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Wilbur...the chunky monkey of the bunch...

Jeff, Dani & Lindsey,
This is your little baby Wilbur!  Do you remember what he looked like when you dropped him off to me?  Pink, chubby, clammy and yet a little ball of sweetness.  Can you believe that it's only been since Aug. 22nd when you brought him to me.  Well he is still eating well and he is growing quite fast.  I like it when they grow fast because then that means they don't have to stay the long dreaded winter with me.  As much as I would like to keep him we can't because they are not pets.  But, nonetheless this little one is doing wonderful and hopefully you will see him soon. 
I am sorry that I haven't been able to send updates as often as I'd like to because I have been so busy with baby squirrels.  Currently we have 18 babies! 

Little Jack update...

Little Jack is such a cool little squirrel.  I thought for sure that I would not like him by now because normally the reds are biters.  Well he is actually a nibbler.  He hasn't got me yet but then again....I don't give him that chance.  Jack does sometimes lose his balance on his limb and will start to fall.  He is pretty good about catching himself.  He is quick~!  And I mean QUICK!  He can leap from the sides of the cage to another so fast.  I knew in the beginning when he had is tail removed that he would do just fine without it.  He is completely weened and should be released.  However, Jack's roomie has quite the issue going on and we are not sure what it is.  We have to wait until after the holiday weekend before he can see the doctor.  Once the roomie is good then we'll release Jack.  Neither should be alone so this is why we do this.  Below is a picture of Jack.  I think that he is absolutely beautiful.  He has this rich orange/red fur and great big eyes.

Jack will be released in Hudsonville where he will be very happy.  There is a garden of goodness already planted!

Friday, August 26, 2011

So many babies and so little time...

It seems like in the last 2-weeks we have received 19 new babies!  Oh the babies just keep coming.  WRC has just been inundated with babies and babies!  With so many babies and with such young ones it really does leave me (and others) to wonder what Mother Nature has in store for us this winter.  Well I can tell you already what she is leaving me with....well currently it's 5 baby squirrels to winter.  These babies are brand new and just won't make it out the door in time to do what they need to do.  With those babies comes meeting new people and this year I have really met some wonderful people.  Last week I had a little girl (I'm guessing she was around 6) who had drawn up a "certificate of rescue".  The little one that her and her mom had rescued well they named him Wilbur.  He was quite the chunky monkey!  In fact he is still a chunky monkey.  Wilbur is a fox squirrel and oh so adorable.  Dani you and your little one took such great care for Wilbur.  Thank you!
I just love me some baby squirrels!  I will be posting some photos of the squirrels that we have come to really pick them out just by their personalities.  The three that come to mind... Daisy, Dinky and Wilbur.

Daisy is a red squirrel who also has a great story...A young lady dropped this little girl off and said that a lady had come in to her store (where she works) and said that she had a found a baby squirrel and wanted to know if they would take it from her.  She found the baby I think in a parking lot and decided to take it with her.  She put it in a box (I'm guessing) and decided that it would be best if the little baby slept in her car in the garage for the night.  This way her cat's wouldn't get to it.  The next day the lady went and did her errands and the baby was finally dropped off that evening.  Amy knew this baby hadn't had any warmth or food for almost 2 days.  Being that Amy worked at a pets supply store she bought a baby weening kit and set up a heat lamp.  She fed the little girl and kept her warm until she could deliver her to me late that night.  The little baby girl was absolutely beautiful and in good shape.  Amy, you did well!  Thank you for caring enough about this little one to make sure that she would make it.  I love people like Amy!  Whose hearts are huge and love nature.  I haven't posted any baby pics lately because I have been so very busy with the large numbers of babies that have been brought in.  But not to worry because I will be posting pics this weekend.  In the mean time know that little Miss Daisy is doing wonderful!

Thanks so much again you guys!

Friday, August 5, 2011

Little Jack....

 This is little Jack.  He is a red squirrel who was given to me two weeks ago yesterday.  This guy is such a sweetie with a big appetite. 
 He is super tiny...

This is Jack without his tail...poor baby!  We're not sure why the tail died but it did.  It started to die at the tip and then continued all the way up.  The tail had to be removed so that the infection wouldn't spread to his body. 


Just like the blankie says....cute as a bug!

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

A change of heart.....

I received a baby squirrel tonight that was in a critical state.  I was really upset at this entire situation because this family wanted to keep the squirrel and raise him as their own.  Just over two weeks ago when I received the initial call I did my very best to get them to bring the squirrel to me.  To make a long story short and to just summarize it all...after lots of conversing and drama about this baby I realized that this family was just trying to help and do the right thing.  But "doing the right thing" is often compromised by sentiment or affection.  Which often leads us to doing the wrong thing.  This baby died just about two hours after being dropped off.  After getting a phone call from the father and really listening to him about how they really had nothing but good intentions and hearts full of love I honestly feel bad now for being upset.  I was never rude or short with them in any way shape or form but my heart was hurting to see this baby suffering like he was.  In the end I appreciate people like him and their families too because far too many times we see the actions of those who really don't care or have absolutely no regard for life. 

So, my thoughts and gratitude go out to this family who really did do their best to care for another life. 

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Karma....pure karma

Tonight my friend Sarah and I went for our daily walk.  And just like any other night Sarah is pretty entertaining.  However, tonight Sarah learned a valuable lesson with regard to karma.  We (lol) were on a mission to get our walk on with serious results.  By that I mean we were booking it!  We even jogged a bit.  Which if you ask Sarah she hates it when I start running.  So anyway...we were on the way home with 11 minutes to go and I say, "lets go! we've got 10 minutes to finish this" and so I take off running.  Sarah tells me how tired she is and we should walk...I tell her to stop talking and we won't be so winded.  So, she follows that up with, "I should push you down and make you skin your knees!" me:  no don't do that because that will hurt.  Sarah: well then I'll just push you on the ground and I said yes that would be better meaning it wouldn't hurt so much!  Literally not 2 minutes go by and Sarah takes a fall!  Yup...a fall!  I had slowed down beside her while her arms and (laughing so hard right now I'm crying) legs were going everywhere.  You know like the super big circles!  Well I saw the entire thing in sloowww motion I swear.  She SKINNED HER KNEE, then her wrist, scratches on the back of her hand, her thigh and...her chinny chin chin!  OH my!  I was laughing so hard trying to ask if she was okay and I had to sit down on the sidewalk to keep from peeing my pants!  She is okay, skinned knees and all but it was too funny.  I'm thankful that she didn't get seriously hurt. 

 See the really funny thing about this is that Sarah and I always joke around about pushing the other down and skinning their knees.  LOL.... 
I don't think Sarah will be threatening to push me down any time soon again!  That will teach her to mess with me or karma. 

Thanks Sarah for being so entertaining all the time.  I love you girl!  And I am really glad that you are okay.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

The new stage in life???

We are currently in the process of having a new floor put in the kitchen and while everything has been moved around my husband suggests to me that maybe we could get rid of our dishwasher!  If you knew I'd cringe well you're right because I did!  I went, "huh, why?"  He said well Austin will be leaving soon and it's just going to be the two of us so he and we really wouldn't need it anymore.  Who is this guy?  I knew I would have to really dig deep to justify me keeping the dishwasher so I said, "well you know by using a dishwasher you save 30% on water compared to HAND washing".  He gave me "the look" and asked...really Mary?  Now hear me whine, but I don't like to wash dishes!  He responds with "I don't mind washing dishes".  Ugg..... I don't want to move into this next stage in life!  Nope....not ready and you just can't make me.  Not gonna do it!  I'm honestly not sure how long I can stand my ground but I am not giving up so easy!

Little Laela...

Well I opened the door to the release cage yesterday so that Laela could start venturing out on her own.  Tonight she came down one of the trees in my backyard and said hello!  I am glad to see that she is getting around okay.  She will come and go to the release cage as she pleases now until she decides that she will just stay gone.  Which normally only takes one week.  Nonetheless, she is doing fabulous and I really hope that she sticks around so that we can see her grow. 

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Little Laela...

Today when I got home from work I decided to put Laela out in the release cage.  She was very excited to have lots more room.  She was playing!  She was running around the cage and jumping and in and out of her house.  I could just tell she was happy.  This was a good move for her!  After she was out there I decided to take a quick photo of her and send it to Mike.  He responded with, "is that my little squirrel?"  Yup, sure is! 

Monday, May 9, 2011

Getting to know my macro lens...

 As you know my family gave me a macro lens for my birthday and I have really using it to find out what it can do.  I just LUV it and even more so now then when I first got it.  Here are a couple photos that I recently shot with it.  I love the elegant and tranquil feel that these shots give off. 

Little Laela...

Little Laela is all grown up now and should be moved to the release cage this week.  She is doing very well and it's really time for her to get out there on her own.  Now my husband on the other hand is having a hard time with letting her go.  By that I mean...when I told him today that she needs to be put outdoors his response is, "well lets wait a little bit longer until we know that the weather is nicer".   It was my intent to take her to Allegan to release her with the six squirrels that we took last week but my hubby just couldn't let her go.  So, she gets to be released in our yard.  He has grown a little too attached to Laela and it's quite funny really because he knows better!  He gets her out of her cage daily to "walk" her.  HAHA...yes, I said walk her.  He lets her climb on him while he will do things around the house.  The other night he even told me to warm her sock buddy for her so she had something warm to snuggle up to because she is by herself.  She is very fond of the big guy.  She licks him constantly.  He told me today that maybe I should be the one to put her out in the release cage so that way he wasn't the "bad guy".  I just said with a smile...Okay honey!  

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

All in a day...

Today was a most difficult day for us.  Mike got home this morning and found that our oldest dog, Diamond couldn't get up.  She couldn't walk at all or even get up and stand for that matter.  We really didn't have a clue what was happening with her.  We were so worried.  Diamond a 10 year old and a chocolate lab so we know they have potential hip problems as they get older.  Diamond is a clone of Eeyore.  She moves slow already and over time we noticed that she would sometimes hesitate to jump up in the truck.  But the hip problem is debilitating and doesn't normally happen over night.  She was fine the night before.  I called the vet and they said that it could be that she has pinched a nerve or she has had a stroke.  Mike got her to the vet and she has feeling in her toes, back and she can push her legs so that meant they ruled out a stroke.  She responded well to his tests.  He concluded that she must have just "jarred" her back or she could have pinched a nerve.  She didn't seem to be in any pain at all.  So she has to have pain killers and lots of rest for a week and she should be just fine.  Oh the heavy sighs....We are so glad that she is okay and will be back to her normal snail paced self soon.  I don't know that she likes being carried outside at all though.  Not to mention she is a heavy 60 lb girl.

My red squirrels' eyes are started to open today.  Well one so far!  There are 3 red squirrels so once they have their eyes open that only means one thing...,they will be able to see where their food dish is!  This makes me very happy because these little guys are not nice at all and they do bite the hands that feed them.

Little Laela is doing very well with the weening process.  I am almost thinking that she will be going for release within the next two weeks.  She is quite the character and did I mention fast?  Yes, she is very fast so I will get a picture of her very soon before she advances to the next cage...

I thank God for the small favors in life.

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Little Laela...

Today Laela got her first bath.  We had to try and get rid of the fleas.  She has improved drastically just since I received her.  This morning she was running around her kennel and man was she hungry!
This is Laela with a full belly!

Friday, April 15, 2011


So I am trying to figure out my new macro lens...

Little Laela...

I received a call yesterday from Diane who lives in Grandhaven who said that she found a little grey squirrel and she had fallen from her nest.  They had this baby girl for 2-1/2 days and had named her Laela.  Laela didn't seem to be doing very well so she called WRC (Wildlife Rehab Center).  So Diane and her daughter Kaylee had drove in to Grand Rapids to meet me so that I could take her.  When I saw this little grey squirrel she was just so adorable and yet very fragile.  It brakes my heart that her momma doesn't have her baby anymore.  She was very weak and her breathing was fast and short.  I honestly didn't think that little Laela would make it through the night.  She made it through the night and after many small feedings of Pedialite she looked a little more active.  So I decided to take her to work with me and by the end of the work day she was doing much better.  She was moving around and starting to solid foods.  She does have some fluid on her lungs which she is now on an antibiotic for and we are hoping that she will be better in about 7 days.  Tonight she had her first bottle feeding of milk and boy o boy did she eat! I think little Laela will be just fine and she will soon be on her way to the great outdoors! 

To Diane and Kaylee, I would like to thank you for taking such good care of her and showing her so much love.  It does my heart good to meet kind, loving people like yourselves.

Oh and just a note to remember should you ever have to take care of a baby squirrel again always remember to get the nuts that are UNsalted.  

Here is a pic of Laela with her sock buddy.  I will post "nicer" photos of her tomorrow as I just took this pic with my cellular.

Monday, April 11, 2011

The nesting couple....

There is a large pond on my way to work and I have just recently noticed a swan sitting on her nest.  It's really quite the scene.  She looks just so relaxed.  She sits there while daddy does some work around the place.  I was able to see 2 eggs for sure.  She stood up just to switch sides so I was able to get a quick peek.  There could be more babies under momma but we'll have to just wait and see.


Tuesday, April 5, 2011

A peak at Kaeli...

Kaeli really wanted to go the extra mile to get the look that she was wanting for her senior photos.  She had great ideas for her photos and had great places in mind as well.  He are a couple of shots from the four trips out.  She had lots of great shots to choose from!  I love it when seniors bring me fresh ideas!

Thanks Kaeli! 

Monday, April 4, 2011

And it runs....

Well after a couple parts and a carburetor cleaning and a gasket...Austin has the old blue bird (he'd most likely frown on my name for the truck) running!  He did all he could to try and contain the super big smile he was holding back.  Very nice Austin...

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Let the work begin...

Well the tow truck delivered Austin's new project truck today.  The testosterone level in my house sky rocketed today!  (oh man)  I saw the truck first hand this evening and yes it does need lots of work.  New parts have been ordered and are being picked up first thing in the morning. 

Well good luck guys! 

Sunday, March 27, 2011


This morning I was so sneaky with dad and Austin!  And to think that I actually pulled it off without grossing myself out or either fessing up before. 

This morning I put a pan of bacon in the oven and thought french toast would be yummy with it.  But...I didn't have any eggs.  I really didn't want to go to the store.  I did however, have a dozen of duck eggs.  They were not any different in taste at all.  However, some of the yolks were just huge.

Everyone enjoyed their breakfast this morning!!  I luv it when my sneakyness comes together without fail!

Saturday, March 26, 2011

My new Macro lens...

So I just had to test out my new lens today.  It will take some getting use to but I am hopeful!  I luv it so far.  So these are my first shots with it.

Pretty in pink and purple...

So my BFF (Laurie) and I went and pedicures and manicures today!  It was just awesome.  We decided to "do it up" today when we found out that we could get a good deal because we'd being doing both.  So now our fingers and our toes are pretty.  My BFF is so good to me!  She treated me to a pedicure today!  Now, I'd be crazy if I didn't say that it just made our trip even better!  I like it...I like it a lot! 

Thank you Laurie!  I luv you!  I can't wait until next time.  Oh and lets take Le's advise and not wait so long next time.  

Out with the new and in with the old...

Austin told me last night that he sold his car, the Skunk mobile and the guy was picking it up today.  So, on to the internet he went to see if anything out there would spark his interest.  So...he found a 1970 Chevorlet C-10.  He has wanted an older truck for some time but I guess now the time was right.  So the guys jumped in and drove to check it out.  He came home and announced to me that he was the proud owner of this 1970 decent blue Chevy truck.  It's a "project" truck that Austin will have the glory and satisfaction of making it a brute and calling it his very own. 

 Good Luck Austin!

Before pics....

Friday, March 25, 2011

Blood Money...

Early this week Nikki was over and I happen to notice that there was an envelop on the fridge with money in it and it had dads name on it.  So naturally I asked about it.  Austin asked me why I was being so nosey (me? nosey?)  I explained to him once again that it was my J.O.B.  He then begin to tell me that they were covering their loses for a bet that was made with dad on the Duke vs MI game.  So, immediately I went into the "protective" mode and said well dad shouldn't take your money.  I'll try and get your money back. 

I wrote the following on the envelope for dad..."this is blood money and guilt is a heavy burden to carry".  So the next day when I spoke to dad I told him that he shouldn't take Nik's money and that he should just let it slide because Nik doesn't have a lot of money and she's young and so forth.  I really expected him to give the money back.  So he explains to me that Nik sent him a text talking smack that MI was going to win and that he just couldn't let that go.  He said that if he let the bet slide she would just go buy another purse or a pair of shoes but if it was his loss she would expect him to pay up.  So, being the mediator that I am I sent Nik a text telling her that I was really trying to get her money back but she just can't talk smack because dad is a betting man.  Nikki tells me everything's fine and that it's okay that she doesn't need the money back. "It's all okay mom" is what I am told.  The week goes on and I continue to just soak dad with guilt.  It wasn't working though!  So I gave up today and decided that he's not giving in. 

I came home today and the kids came in and gave me a birthday card that read, "the blood money was spent on your birthday gift"  My birthday gift....a macro lens!  I LUV IT!  I am just so excited to try it out.  I cried (a little).  So naturally I had no more guilt about the blood money! 

So my family was pretty slick this birthday!  Thank you guys!! 

Saturday, March 19, 2011

The New Moon tonight...

All week I was really looking forward to watching the moon rise tonight.  (I know it doesn't really take much to get me excited right...) Nonetheless, Austin and I went and found a great spot where there was one other couple waiting for that super moon to rise!  Well, the moon started to rise and it was quick!  I can't believe how fast it was.  My pics...much to be desired.  But I was able to get two that would at least work.  I really thought it would be bigger!  I was a little disappointed but...It was still beautiful. 

A little something about us...

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My husband and I have been together for twenty two years now and are still just as happy as we were in the beginning. We have similar interests and one in particular is that we love animals and taking care of them. Mike and I volunteer our time with our local Wildlife Rehab Center (WRC) rehabbing squirrels mostly. Baby squirrels are so adorable and a rare site to most. We have two wonderful children. Which most of the time they totally think their mom is a weirdo. LOL:)

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