Thursday, June 9, 2011

Karma....pure karma

Tonight my friend Sarah and I went for our daily walk.  And just like any other night Sarah is pretty entertaining.  However, tonight Sarah learned a valuable lesson with regard to karma.  We (lol) were on a mission to get our walk on with serious results.  By that I mean we were booking it!  We even jogged a bit.  Which if you ask Sarah she hates it when I start running.  So anyway...we were on the way home with 11 minutes to go and I say, "lets go! we've got 10 minutes to finish this" and so I take off running.  Sarah tells me how tired she is and we should walk...I tell her to stop talking and we won't be so winded.  So, she follows that up with, "I should push you down and make you skin your knees!" me:  no don't do that because that will hurt.  Sarah: well then I'll just push you on the ground and I said yes that would be better meaning it wouldn't hurt so much!  Literally not 2 minutes go by and Sarah takes a fall!  Yup...a fall!  I had slowed down beside her while her arms and (laughing so hard right now I'm crying) legs were going everywhere.  You know like the super big circles!  Well I saw the entire thing in sloowww motion I swear.  She SKINNED HER KNEE, then her wrist, scratches on the back of her hand, her thigh and...her chinny chin chin!  OH my!  I was laughing so hard trying to ask if she was okay and I had to sit down on the sidewalk to keep from peeing my pants!  She is okay, skinned knees and all but it was too funny.  I'm thankful that she didn't get seriously hurt. 

 See the really funny thing about this is that Sarah and I always joke around about pushing the other down and skinning their knees.  LOL.... 
I don't think Sarah will be threatening to push me down any time soon again!  That will teach her to mess with me or karma. 

Thanks Sarah for being so entertaining all the time.  I love you girl!  And I am really glad that you are okay.

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