Wednesday, June 15, 2011

A change of heart.....

I received a baby squirrel tonight that was in a critical state.  I was really upset at this entire situation because this family wanted to keep the squirrel and raise him as their own.  Just over two weeks ago when I received the initial call I did my very best to get them to bring the squirrel to me.  To make a long story short and to just summarize it all...after lots of conversing and drama about this baby I realized that this family was just trying to help and do the right thing.  But "doing the right thing" is often compromised by sentiment or affection.  Which often leads us to doing the wrong thing.  This baby died just about two hours after being dropped off.  After getting a phone call from the father and really listening to him about how they really had nothing but good intentions and hearts full of love I honestly feel bad now for being upset.  I was never rude or short with them in any way shape or form but my heart was hurting to see this baby suffering like he was.  In the end I appreciate people like him and their families too because far too many times we see the actions of those who really don't care or have absolutely no regard for life. 

So, my thoughts and gratitude go out to this family who really did do their best to care for another life. 

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