Monday, April 16, 2012

Every now and again...

This past week I had a girl named Missy come and bring me a baby squirrel.  With squirrels and their cuteness factor being off the charts well she fell in love with this baby.  Missy is such a sweet person that of-course I just fell in love with her!  What an awesome personality she has.  She was totally all about making sure this baby was safe and going to be taken care of it is incredible.  She called a day or so later to find out how her little baby (Squirt) was doing and how she wanted to help out.  She was so dead set on helping out that she came by tonight with lots of stuff that we use everyday in caring for these babies.  I was just beside myself and it was like Christmas at my house for the squirrels!  I will be seeing a lot of Missy I am sure as she is just all about doing what she can to help out.  I often come by those that drop off babies and some will ask if they can call and just check on the baby or babies that they drop off to see how they are doing.  But I have to say it really just warms my heart when I come by those like Missy or those like my best friend Laurie who loves to come over and feed the babies for me.  I love this because it is nice to have the help and not to mention to find someone that loves those babies as much as I do!  So many, many thanks to Missy and Laurie!!

Sunday, April 15, 2012


This guy calls me and wants to drop off a baby squirrel that he has found.  Mike and I are just kinda putzing around picking up things before calling it a night.  So, the baby squirrel that this guy dropped off was/is really in bad shape and so I wanted to get him in the house right away to get fluids into him and on some heat.  So I invite the guy into the house and Mike is doing dishes when he walks in.  So small chit chat is exchanged and yada yada.  So, the guy says goodbye and is out the door.  Mike (still doing dishes) says, "honey, I'm a big guy with tatoos. You can not bring guys into this house when I am doing dishes.  It makes me look bad".

Okay so I got this "huh?  really babe? look on my face and couldn't help but laugh.

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My husband and I have been together for twenty two years now and are still just as happy as we were in the beginning. We have similar interests and one in particular is that we love animals and taking care of them. Mike and I volunteer our time with our local Wildlife Rehab Center (WRC) rehabbing squirrels mostly. Baby squirrels are so adorable and a rare site to most. We have two wonderful children. Which most of the time they totally think their mom is a weirdo. LOL:)

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