Sunday, April 15, 2012


This guy calls me and wants to drop off a baby squirrel that he has found.  Mike and I are just kinda putzing around picking up things before calling it a night.  So, the baby squirrel that this guy dropped off was/is really in bad shape and so I wanted to get him in the house right away to get fluids into him and on some heat.  So I invite the guy into the house and Mike is doing dishes when he walks in.  So small chit chat is exchanged and yada yada.  So, the guy says goodbye and is out the door.  Mike (still doing dishes) says, "honey, I'm a big guy with tatoos. You can not bring guys into this house when I am doing dishes.  It makes me look bad".

Okay so I got this "huh?  really babe? look on my face and couldn't help but laugh.

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