Monday, August 13, 2012

Little Rocky...

He is about 3 weeks old and has a serious appetite.  He is healthy and beautiful.

Meet Rocky...

This is Rocky.  This is what it's all about peeps!  This baby is just absolutely precious.

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Fare well and on to new beginings...

Dylan's farewell party came and went so quick.  It makes you feel old when you are seeing your children venture off to see the big wide world.  Dylan is off to Germany for two short years for the USAF.  He is missed much already.  This guy has spent a couple nights at our house a time or two.  I used to love it when there was a house full of children!  Then they grow up.   I am glad that DK (that's what I call him) is well on his way.  He will do great things I know it.  His momma (the real one) has without a doubt puffy eyes today.  I hope he gave a little extra squeeze while hugging her goodbye.   I LOVE YOU DK!  AND I HOPE TO SEE YOU SOON.

Sunday, July 15, 2012

And it's back to work...

It's Sunday evening and it's back to work for me tomorrow.  My vacation last week was quite UN-eventful but relaxing.  My weekend was awesome!  We were able to spend time with friends which was really great.  My hottie and I went fishing with our long time friend Westy.  My hottie hasn't fished since his father died so getting out on the water for him this weekend was just  so good for him in so many ways.  There was a little fishing tournament on Saturday then some foo foo drinks and good food that night.  Sunday the Mike's and I went fishing.  Oh I was in my glory.  I haven't been fishing in like five years since Sr. passed.   We have a rule that the first fish in the boat gets a buck and then the biggest fish in the boat also gets a buck.  Well I could smell the two bucks that should have been mine!  I wanted nothing more than to beat the Mikes out there.  (heavy sigh).... My hottie had to bring the first one and the biggest one in.  Dang it!  Westy also had to show me up too!  But today was a good day because I use a baitcaster reel (only baitcaster reels) and I did not backlash a single time.  Not to mention I had great casts out there!  It was like riding a bike!  I am ready to go again.  Bring it on boys! 

Thanks for a great weekend Westy, Surra and Nikki.  We love you guys!

Thursday, July 12, 2012

A not so tasty breakfast ...

Being that our garden is growing so nicely and really producing already I decided to juice yellow and green beans a cucumber and a red delicious apple.  YUCK!!!  oh it taste awful.   I am not even sure that I could add like another apple to it either.  Well I was able to get it down but it was hard. 

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Stepping into technology!

So I have downloaded the Blogger mobile and this is my test to see it works or I have to read more on it.

Thank goodness for cats!

I was working on the computer today in the office (where I also have squirrels) and behind me I hear this crash and something hit the wall!  I turned around because I thought maybe one of my squirrels had gotten out (they freak out super easy) but it was No Tail kitty!  She had caught a mouse that was about six feet behind me!  EWWWW!  This is her first mouse (that I know of anyway)  and yup...I now see that she has left if for me on the living room floor.  ugggg!!!!!!  Where is my hottie (at work).

Well, it's off to give my kitty a treat and to take care of the present she left for me.

Oh man!!  I just went to clean up the mouse and he is GONE!     oh man!  Now I have an injured mouse combing the house! 

Monday, April 16, 2012

Every now and again...

This past week I had a girl named Missy come and bring me a baby squirrel.  With squirrels and their cuteness factor being off the charts well she fell in love with this baby.  Missy is such a sweet person that of-course I just fell in love with her!  What an awesome personality she has.  She was totally all about making sure this baby was safe and going to be taken care of it is incredible.  She called a day or so later to find out how her little baby (Squirt) was doing and how she wanted to help out.  She was so dead set on helping out that she came by tonight with lots of stuff that we use everyday in caring for these babies.  I was just beside myself and it was like Christmas at my house for the squirrels!  I will be seeing a lot of Missy I am sure as she is just all about doing what she can to help out.  I often come by those that drop off babies and some will ask if they can call and just check on the baby or babies that they drop off to see how they are doing.  But I have to say it really just warms my heart when I come by those like Missy or those like my best friend Laurie who loves to come over and feed the babies for me.  I love this because it is nice to have the help and not to mention to find someone that loves those babies as much as I do!  So many, many thanks to Missy and Laurie!!

Sunday, April 15, 2012


This guy calls me and wants to drop off a baby squirrel that he has found.  Mike and I are just kinda putzing around picking up things before calling it a night.  So, the baby squirrel that this guy dropped off was/is really in bad shape and so I wanted to get him in the house right away to get fluids into him and on some heat.  So I invite the guy into the house and Mike is doing dishes when he walks in.  So small chit chat is exchanged and yada yada.  So, the guy says goodbye and is out the door.  Mike (still doing dishes) says, "honey, I'm a big guy with tatoos. You can not bring guys into this house when I am doing dishes.  It makes me look bad".

Okay so I got this "huh?  really babe? look on my face and couldn't help but laugh.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

When you've made a difference...

People come and go throughout your lifetime without a doubt.  But those who stick around become part of your family.  When my children were growing up, my husband and I loved having our children at home and we enjoyed having their friends over as well.  If the kids were home then we knew what they were getting into and appreciating what they weren't getting into.  Having a home that was built with values, discipline, consistency and love are key when raising children.  I think as parents we really hope that our children grow up to have respect for others as well as themselves and that they were really listening to what you've been "preaching" every day for all those years. They payoff is when you can sit back and watch them as they take on the world and see that they are beautiful strong people who you are proud of.  Just knowing that you've made a difference in a person's life is an incredible feeling and it does a heart good.  What's better yet is when they are on their way and they stop and say, "thank you" for being apart of their life.  My husband and I are so very proud of our children, Nikki, Austin and Dylan.

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Wildlife Fundraiser 2012...

Once again, John Ball Zoo has graciously invited us to use their facilities for this year's fundraiser.  Please join us for a live and silent auction, good food, wine and a SUPER group of animal lovers!

Wednesday, February 22, 2012; 5:00 pm - 8:00 pm
Tickets are $25.00/per and are well worth every penny for a great cause!

We hope to see you there!  

Urban Wildlife....

A fawn living in a northeast city cemetery, a bear roaming along Knapp Street - what is going on?

The calls started in August.  A young buck, still with spots, as been following joggers in the cemetery, gently nuzzling them.  He is crossing Knapp Street to beg from the people at the gas station and the small restaurants.  His is not afraid of people - to the contrary, he is attracted to them.  Our DNR officer was notified, because he would be the one to make the decision.  Do we physically remove him, or hope he will travel 1/2 mile East to join a herd already living East of Ball Street?

The cemetery workers have named him "Bambino".  They said he comes and goes, sometimes not seen for two weeks.  Is he slowly joining the other group?  Hopefully, because now he is much larger and has lost his spots.  Why is he behaving this way?  Was he raised by someone thinking they were doing the right thing?  Our thoughts and prayers are with you, little Bambino.  Stay safe!

Bear cubs stay with their mothers until they are two years old.  At that age, their mothers "ditch" them because they have bred again.  Confused and lonely, the cubs are on their own for the first time.  They often wander close to towns and people.  GRPD phoned three times, and our DNR officer phoned twice (we were in church).  Could we help?  Unfortunately, the cub was hit by a truck and killed before he could be located.

As our urban area continues to sprawl, we will see more and more of these situations.  In the past six years this is the fourth "city bear" we have encountered.  Deer and turkeys are living in "pockets" of woods inside the city.  Coyotes are being spotted closer and closer to human habitation.  As surprising as it may be, it is a sign of the times.

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