Sunday, July 15, 2012

And it's back to work...

It's Sunday evening and it's back to work for me tomorrow.  My vacation last week was quite UN-eventful but relaxing.  My weekend was awesome!  We were able to spend time with friends which was really great.  My hottie and I went fishing with our long time friend Westy.  My hottie hasn't fished since his father died so getting out on the water for him this weekend was just  so good for him in so many ways.  There was a little fishing tournament on Saturday then some foo foo drinks and good food that night.  Sunday the Mike's and I went fishing.  Oh I was in my glory.  I haven't been fishing in like five years since Sr. passed.   We have a rule that the first fish in the boat gets a buck and then the biggest fish in the boat also gets a buck.  Well I could smell the two bucks that should have been mine!  I wanted nothing more than to beat the Mikes out there.  (heavy sigh).... My hottie had to bring the first one and the biggest one in.  Dang it!  Westy also had to show me up too!  But today was a good day because I use a baitcaster reel (only baitcaster reels) and I did not backlash a single time.  Not to mention I had great casts out there!  It was like riding a bike!  I am ready to go again.  Bring it on boys! 

Thanks for a great weekend Westy, Surra and Nikki.  We love you guys!

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