Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Thank goodness for cats!

I was working on the computer today in the office (where I also have squirrels) and behind me I hear this crash and something hit the wall!  I turned around because I thought maybe one of my squirrels had gotten out (they freak out super easy) but it was No Tail kitty!  She had caught a mouse that was about six feet behind me!  EWWWW!  This is her first mouse (that I know of anyway)  and yup...I now see that she has left if for me on the living room floor.  ugggg!!!!!!  Where is my hottie (at work).

Well, it's off to give my kitty a treat and to take care of the present she left for me.

Oh man!!  I just went to clean up the mouse and he is GONE!     oh man!  Now I have an injured mouse combing the house! 

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