Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Let the work begin...

Well the tow truck delivered Austin's new project truck today.  The testosterone level in my house sky rocketed today!  (oh man)  I saw the truck first hand this evening and yes it does need lots of work.  New parts have been ordered and are being picked up first thing in the morning. 

Well good luck guys! 

Sunday, March 27, 2011


This morning I was so sneaky with dad and Austin!  And to think that I actually pulled it off without grossing myself out or either fessing up before. 

This morning I put a pan of bacon in the oven and thought french toast would be yummy with it.  But...I didn't have any eggs.  I really didn't want to go to the store.  I did however, have a dozen of duck eggs.  They were not any different in taste at all.  However, some of the yolks were just huge.

Everyone enjoyed their breakfast this morning!!  I luv it when my sneakyness comes together without fail!

Saturday, March 26, 2011

My new Macro lens...

So I just had to test out my new lens today.  It will take some getting use to but I am hopeful!  I luv it so far.  So these are my first shots with it.

Pretty in pink and purple...

So my BFF (Laurie) and I went and pedicures and manicures today!  It was just awesome.  We decided to "do it up" today when we found out that we could get a good deal because we'd being doing both.  So now our fingers and our toes are pretty.  My BFF is so good to me!  She treated me to a pedicure today!  Now, I'd be crazy if I didn't say that it just made our trip even better!  I like it...I like it a lot! 

Thank you Laurie!  I luv you!  I can't wait until next time.  Oh and lets take Le's advise and not wait so long next time.  

Out with the new and in with the old...

Austin told me last night that he sold his car, the Skunk mobile and the guy was picking it up today.  So, on to the internet he went to see if anything out there would spark his interest.  So...he found a 1970 Chevorlet C-10.  He has wanted an older truck for some time but I guess now the time was right.  So the guys jumped in and drove to check it out.  He came home and announced to me that he was the proud owner of this 1970 decent blue Chevy truck.  It's a "project" truck that Austin will have the glory and satisfaction of making it a brute and calling it his very own. 

 Good Luck Austin!

Before pics....

Friday, March 25, 2011

Blood Money...

Early this week Nikki was over and I happen to notice that there was an envelop on the fridge with money in it and it had dads name on it.  So naturally I asked about it.  Austin asked me why I was being so nosey (me? nosey?)  I explained to him once again that it was my J.O.B.  He then begin to tell me that they were covering their loses for a bet that was made with dad on the Duke vs MI game.  So, immediately I went into the "protective" mode and said well dad shouldn't take your money.  I'll try and get your money back. 

I wrote the following on the envelope for dad..."this is blood money and guilt is a heavy burden to carry".  So the next day when I spoke to dad I told him that he shouldn't take Nik's money and that he should just let it slide because Nik doesn't have a lot of money and she's young and so forth.  I really expected him to give the money back.  So he explains to me that Nik sent him a text talking smack that MI was going to win and that he just couldn't let that go.  He said that if he let the bet slide she would just go buy another purse or a pair of shoes but if it was his loss she would expect him to pay up.  So, being the mediator that I am I sent Nik a text telling her that I was really trying to get her money back but she just can't talk smack because dad is a betting man.  Nikki tells me everything's fine and that it's okay that she doesn't need the money back. "It's all okay mom" is what I am told.  The week goes on and I continue to just soak dad with guilt.  It wasn't working though!  So I gave up today and decided that he's not giving in. 

I came home today and the kids came in and gave me a birthday card that read, "the blood money was spent on your birthday gift"  My birthday gift....a macro lens!  I LUV IT!  I am just so excited to try it out.  I cried (a little).  So naturally I had no more guilt about the blood money! 

So my family was pretty slick this birthday!  Thank you guys!! 

Saturday, March 19, 2011

The New Moon tonight...

All week I was really looking forward to watching the moon rise tonight.  (I know it doesn't really take much to get me excited right...) Nonetheless, Austin and I went and found a great spot where there was one other couple waiting for that super moon to rise!  Well, the moon started to rise and it was quick!  I can't believe how fast it was.  My pics...much to be desired.  But I was able to get two that would at least work.  I really thought it would be bigger!  I was a little disappointed but...It was still beautiful. 

Friday, March 18, 2011

Memories on paper...

I finally took the time to go through my pictures since Jan. and decide which ones I should print.  Well I ordered 231 prints.  The are now all filed and in order in my album.  Normally I don't wait so long before printing but I have been so busy that I haven't had the chance.  But now it's done and I can start all over!  Yea....

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Spring babies have arrived!

I received the call that I have been most looking forward to getting today.  Peg from WRC called and said that she had five baby fox squirrels that were brought in by Consumers Energy today.  Consumers had cut down their tree and the babies went tumbling down.  They are all doing fine and super good eaters!  I feel bad for momma squirrel as her babies are gone and no where to be found.  But they are in very good hands!  Yep....mine.  I love taking care of the babies.  We are guessing that they are 2-3 weeks in age already.

I am desperately looking for the older style heating pads (that work of-course) but they don't have the "auto 2/hour shut off" feature.  These heating pads are not good because during the middle of the night they will shut off and we risk loosing babies as they must be kept warm.  So, please if you know someone or if you have one that you'd like to donate I would really be appreciative!  You can contact me through Facebook or thru email at mary.haner@comcast.net. 

Thanks so much!

This is an update on these spring babies...4/16/11
They have now been moved to the porch and have graduated today to kritter mix (seeds and nuts). 
All of them have done very well and are extremely healthy and will be released in the next couple weeks. 
There are six babies inside.

I think they like their new temporary house.

Oh the secrets that you keep until the time is right...

My neighbor called last night and wondered if I would like to try some turkey eggs.  I said well....ah sure I will.  I was really hesitant about even taking them much less trying them.  I was really having a hard time getting past the "turkey" part.  Chicken eggs are one thing but turkey eggs??  So anyway I decided I would take enough eggs to work to cook breakfast for all in the office.  So....I told Linda that I was going to cook them and she was willing to try them.  I could see the quiver or drawing of her upper lip.  I asked Linda not to say anything to the other girls or they might not eat them.  Linda and I were wondering....why you can't buy turkey eggs in stores. 
So not only were we about to try something new we learned something in the process. 

So, while I was preparing the eggs Meg decided to help.  And by help I mean look over my shoulder and tell me how beautiful the eggs were and how big they were.  I just said...well maybe that's because they are farm fresh.  (snickering inside)  She mentioned a couple times how the yolks are taking a really long time to whip, and sticking to the sides of the bowl.  Mind you, I have never eaten turkey eggs either and I myself was having a hard enough time trying to convince myself to eat them. 

Nonetheless, a little half and half, salt and pepper and some Mexican cheese and voila!  We have a great smelling breakfast.  So, we all sat down and enjoyed our breakfast.  Sarah ate her eggs like it was her job!  (that was her comment) and everyone commented that they were yummy.  So, I said well I am glad that everyone like their eggs because they were turkey eggs!  Oh....the look on Meg's face was priceless.  Better yet....the look on her face at the end of the day was still quite funny.  She couldn't believe that I had fed her turkey eggs.  Sarah said that she would eat them again.  Which I honestly thought that Sarah would be the one to frown on them but she surprised me. Well guys....thanks for being such a good sport about breakfast.  Oh yea and not killing me! 

Monday, March 14, 2011

The relaxing walk on the beach...

Over the hills and through the bowl was the beach.  It was super!  There were lots of waves.  The girls had a fun time frolicking in the water!  Ruby especially enjoyed the water and well Max...he was falling in love with Jade.  He had a new girlfriend. 

Ruby...frolicking.  She loves the water!

What a site!  Sure enough...that's an eagle!

This was a natural spring that fed into Lake Michigan.

Who doesn't write their name in the sand?..

Our start back up the hill! 

Austin and Meg....once again waiting for me.  Hey...I never claimed to be speedy!  Someone's always waiting for Mary!  Normally it's Mike.

This is the ridge around the other side.  I wanted to get down and just take the center again but nooooo these guys weren't having any part of it! 

Seriously...it was a long way down! 

This is us!  oh and Max.  That's Max with his new girlfriend on the left. 

Lets do it again!!!!!!!! 

Conquering the BOWL....

Oh the bowl!  I had my expectations of the bowl and when I actually saw it...WOW!  I thought I might be in trouble.  So Mike, Austin, myself and the girls decided to take the challenge of the bowl with Meg and Max.  It was absolutely huge.

Okay on our start up the dune I was kinda of making fun of Mike because well he was crawling up the dune. (hahaha I laugh) 

Once I started the climb...it wasn't funny anymore!  In fact, Mike had a great idea to crawl up that hill.  That was pretty much the way that I made it. 

Yup!  That's me.....exhausted.  Note that Austin has my coat, my scarf and my camera bag.  He came down at my midpoint to motivate me! 

This is the view from the top.  It was priceless.  Although I couldn't get too close to the edge because I am a chicken and was scared I would fall down the hill. 

Those tiny specs top middle, that's Mike and Austin and Meg is in there too somewhere.  The ledge was far too narrow for me to walk it.  I decided to take the long route...right down the middle of the bowl.  I told you I was a chicken!

This is them guys in the bowl looking for treasures.  Glass from party's of the past!

ahhhhh treasure!  We now have a jar with our treasures sitting on my kitchen window sil. 

This is the view heading to the beach.  Need I say more..... LUV IT.

These are tree TOPS. 


This is Meg!

                                           This is US!  We came....We Conquered the BOWL!
                                               Thank you Meg & poor old Max

                                               for another great yet tiring adventure!

Castle Park, Laketown, MI

On Sunday we set out to see more of what West Michigan has to offer!  Actually, Meg has all the cool places to see!  So our first stop was a drive by Castle Park in Lake Town.  Castle Park is an unincorporated private community in the township of approximately 100 cottages and summer houses along Lake Michigan.  Driving through this very tiny community was very pretty.  Nothing that I had seen before.  I can't imagine how beautiful it would prove to be in the summer or even the fall.  I didn't take any pictures because for one I was too worried about falling off the side of the Cliff!  Yes, I said a cliff.  Plus the pics wouldn't have done it justice in any way.  We'll be checking it out for sure real soon!  Or at least before the summer residents come home. 

Also something cool was the Castle

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

One size fits all...

Mike and I went shopping for a new pair of slippers and this is how he decided if they would fit!  Luv it!

A little something about us...

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My husband and I have been together for twenty two years now and are still just as happy as we were in the beginning. We have similar interests and one in particular is that we love animals and taking care of them. Mike and I volunteer our time with our local Wildlife Rehab Center (WRC) rehabbing squirrels mostly. Baby squirrels are so adorable and a rare site to most. We have two wonderful children. Which most of the time they totally think their mom is a weirdo. LOL:)

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