Monday, March 14, 2011

The relaxing walk on the beach...

Over the hills and through the bowl was the beach.  It was super!  There were lots of waves.  The girls had a fun time frolicking in the water!  Ruby especially enjoyed the water and well Max...he was falling in love with Jade.  He had a new girlfriend. 

Ruby...frolicking.  She loves the water!

What a site!  Sure enough...that's an eagle!

This was a natural spring that fed into Lake Michigan.

Who doesn't write their name in the sand?..

Our start back up the hill! 

Austin and Meg....once again waiting for me.  Hey...I never claimed to be speedy!  Someone's always waiting for Mary!  Normally it's Mike.

This is the ridge around the other side.  I wanted to get down and just take the center again but nooooo these guys weren't having any part of it! was a long way down! 

This is us!  oh and Max.  That's Max with his new girlfriend on the left. 

Lets do it again!!!!!!!! 

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