Friday, March 25, 2011

Blood Money...

Early this week Nikki was over and I happen to notice that there was an envelop on the fridge with money in it and it had dads name on it.  So naturally I asked about it.  Austin asked me why I was being so nosey (me? nosey?)  I explained to him once again that it was my J.O.B.  He then begin to tell me that they were covering their loses for a bet that was made with dad on the Duke vs MI game.  So, immediately I went into the "protective" mode and said well dad shouldn't take your money.  I'll try and get your money back. 

I wrote the following on the envelope for dad..."this is blood money and guilt is a heavy burden to carry".  So the next day when I spoke to dad I told him that he shouldn't take Nik's money and that he should just let it slide because Nik doesn't have a lot of money and she's young and so forth.  I really expected him to give the money back.  So he explains to me that Nik sent him a text talking smack that MI was going to win and that he just couldn't let that go.  He said that if he let the bet slide she would just go buy another purse or a pair of shoes but if it was his loss she would expect him to pay up.  So, being the mediator that I am I sent Nik a text telling her that I was really trying to get her money back but she just can't talk smack because dad is a betting man.  Nikki tells me everything's fine and that it's okay that she doesn't need the money back. "It's all okay mom" is what I am told.  The week goes on and I continue to just soak dad with guilt.  It wasn't working though!  So I gave up today and decided that he's not giving in. 

I came home today and the kids came in and gave me a birthday card that read, "the blood money was spent on your birthday gift"  My birthday gift....a macro lens!  I LUV IT!  I am just so excited to try it out.  I cried (a little).  So naturally I had no more guilt about the blood money! 

So my family was pretty slick this birthday!  Thank you guys!! 

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