Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Oh the secrets that you keep until the time is right...

My neighbor called last night and wondered if I would like to try some turkey eggs.  I said well....ah sure I will.  I was really hesitant about even taking them much less trying them.  I was really having a hard time getting past the "turkey" part.  Chicken eggs are one thing but turkey eggs??  So anyway I decided I would take enough eggs to work to cook breakfast for all in the office.  So....I told Linda that I was going to cook them and she was willing to try them.  I could see the quiver or drawing of her upper lip.  I asked Linda not to say anything to the other girls or they might not eat them.  Linda and I were wondering....why you can't buy turkey eggs in stores. 
So not only were we about to try something new we learned something in the process. 

So, while I was preparing the eggs Meg decided to help.  And by help I mean look over my shoulder and tell me how beautiful the eggs were and how big they were.  I just said...well maybe that's because they are farm fresh.  (snickering inside)  She mentioned a couple times how the yolks are taking a really long time to whip, and sticking to the sides of the bowl.  Mind you, I have never eaten turkey eggs either and I myself was having a hard enough time trying to convince myself to eat them. 

Nonetheless, a little half and half, salt and pepper and some Mexican cheese and voila!  We have a great smelling breakfast.  So, we all sat down and enjoyed our breakfast.  Sarah ate her eggs like it was her job!  (that was her comment) and everyone commented that they were yummy.  So, I said well I am glad that everyone like their eggs because they were turkey eggs!  Oh....the look on Meg's face was priceless.  Better yet....the look on her face at the end of the day was still quite funny.  She couldn't believe that I had fed her turkey eggs.  Sarah said that she would eat them again.  Which I honestly thought that Sarah would be the one to frown on them but she surprised me. Well guys....thanks for being such a good sport about breakfast.  Oh yea and not killing me! 

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