Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Spring babies have arrived!

I received the call that I have been most looking forward to getting today.  Peg from WRC called and said that she had five baby fox squirrels that were brought in by Consumers Energy today.  Consumers had cut down their tree and the babies went tumbling down.  They are all doing fine and super good eaters!  I feel bad for momma squirrel as her babies are gone and no where to be found.  But they are in very good hands!  Yep....mine.  I love taking care of the babies.  We are guessing that they are 2-3 weeks in age already.

I am desperately looking for the older style heating pads (that work of-course) but they don't have the "auto 2/hour shut off" feature.  These heating pads are not good because during the middle of the night they will shut off and we risk loosing babies as they must be kept warm.  So, please if you know someone or if you have one that you'd like to donate I would really be appreciative!  You can contact me through Facebook or thru email at mary.haner@comcast.net. 

Thanks so much!

This is an update on these spring babies...4/16/11
They have now been moved to the porch and have graduated today to kritter mix (seeds and nuts). 
All of them have done very well and are extremely healthy and will be released in the next couple weeks. 
There are six babies inside.

I think they like their new temporary house.

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