Monday, March 14, 2011

Castle Park, Laketown, MI

On Sunday we set out to see more of what West Michigan has to offer!  Actually, Meg has all the cool places to see!  So our first stop was a drive by Castle Park in Lake Town.  Castle Park is an unincorporated private community in the township of approximately 100 cottages and summer houses along Lake Michigan.  Driving through this very tiny community was very pretty.  Nothing that I had seen before.  I can't imagine how beautiful it would prove to be in the summer or even the fall.  I didn't take any pictures because for one I was too worried about falling off the side of the Cliff!  Yes, I said a cliff.  Plus the pics wouldn't have done it justice in any way.  We'll be checking it out for sure real soon!  Or at least before the summer residents come home. 

Also something cool was the Castle

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