Monday, March 14, 2011

Conquering the BOWL....

Oh the bowl!  I had my expectations of the bowl and when I actually saw it...WOW!  I thought I might be in trouble.  So Mike, Austin, myself and the girls decided to take the challenge of the bowl with Meg and Max.  It was absolutely huge.

Okay on our start up the dune I was kinda of making fun of Mike because well he was crawling up the dune. (hahaha I laugh) 

Once I started the wasn't funny anymore!  In fact, Mike had a great idea to crawl up that hill.  That was pretty much the way that I made it. 

Yup!  That's me.....exhausted.  Note that Austin has my coat, my scarf and my camera bag.  He came down at my midpoint to motivate me! 

This is the view from the top.  It was priceless.  Although I couldn't get too close to the edge because I am a chicken and was scared I would fall down the hill. 

Those tiny specs top middle, that's Mike and Austin and Meg is in there too somewhere.  The ledge was far too narrow for me to walk it.  I decided to take the long route...right down the middle of the bowl.  I told you I was a chicken!

This is them guys in the bowl looking for treasures.  Glass from party's of the past!

ahhhhh treasure!  We now have a jar with our treasures sitting on my kitchen window sil. 

This is the view heading to the beach.  Need I say more..... LUV IT.

These are tree TOPS. 


This is Meg!

                                           This is US!  We came....We Conquered the BOWL!
                                               Thank you Meg & poor old Max

                                               for another great yet tiring adventure!

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