Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Urban Wildlife....

A fawn living in a northeast city cemetery, a bear roaming along Knapp Street - what is going on?

The calls started in August.  A young buck, still with spots, as been following joggers in the cemetery, gently nuzzling them.  He is crossing Knapp Street to beg from the people at the gas station and the small restaurants.  His is not afraid of people - to the contrary, he is attracted to them.  Our DNR officer was notified, because he would be the one to make the decision.  Do we physically remove him, or hope he will travel 1/2 mile East to join a herd already living East of Ball Street?

The cemetery workers have named him "Bambino".  They said he comes and goes, sometimes not seen for two weeks.  Is he slowly joining the other group?  Hopefully, because now he is much larger and has lost his spots.  Why is he behaving this way?  Was he raised by someone thinking they were doing the right thing?  Our thoughts and prayers are with you, little Bambino.  Stay safe!

Bear cubs stay with their mothers until they are two years old.  At that age, their mothers "ditch" them because they have bred again.  Confused and lonely, the cubs are on their own for the first time.  They often wander close to towns and people.  GRPD phoned three times, and our DNR officer phoned twice (we were in church).  Could we help?  Unfortunately, the cub was hit by a truck and killed before he could be located.

As our urban area continues to sprawl, we will see more and more of these situations.  In the past six years this is the fourth "city bear" we have encountered.  Deer and turkeys are living in "pockets" of woods inside the city.  Coyotes are being spotted closer and closer to human habitation.  As surprising as it may be, it is a sign of the times.

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