Sunday, September 4, 2011

Little Jack update...

Little Jack is such a cool little squirrel.  I thought for sure that I would not like him by now because normally the reds are biters.  Well he is actually a nibbler.  He hasn't got me yet but then again....I don't give him that chance.  Jack does sometimes lose his balance on his limb and will start to fall.  He is pretty good about catching himself.  He is quick~!  And I mean QUICK!  He can leap from the sides of the cage to another so fast.  I knew in the beginning when he had is tail removed that he would do just fine without it.  He is completely weened and should be released.  However, Jack's roomie has quite the issue going on and we are not sure what it is.  We have to wait until after the holiday weekend before he can see the doctor.  Once the roomie is good then we'll release Jack.  Neither should be alone so this is why we do this.  Below is a picture of Jack.  I think that he is absolutely beautiful.  He has this rich orange/red fur and great big eyes.

Jack will be released in Hudsonville where he will be very happy.  There is a garden of goodness already planted!

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