Friday, August 26, 2011

So many babies and so little time...

It seems like in the last 2-weeks we have received 19 new babies!  Oh the babies just keep coming.  WRC has just been inundated with babies and babies!  With so many babies and with such young ones it really does leave me (and others) to wonder what Mother Nature has in store for us this winter.  Well I can tell you already what she is leaving me with....well currently it's 5 baby squirrels to winter.  These babies are brand new and just won't make it out the door in time to do what they need to do.  With those babies comes meeting new people and this year I have really met some wonderful people.  Last week I had a little girl (I'm guessing she was around 6) who had drawn up a "certificate of rescue".  The little one that her and her mom had rescued well they named him Wilbur.  He was quite the chunky monkey!  In fact he is still a chunky monkey.  Wilbur is a fox squirrel and oh so adorable.  Dani you and your little one took such great care for Wilbur.  Thank you!
I just love me some baby squirrels!  I will be posting some photos of the squirrels that we have come to really pick them out just by their personalities.  The three that come to mind... Daisy, Dinky and Wilbur.

Daisy is a red squirrel who also has a great story...A young lady dropped this little girl off and said that a lady had come in to her store (where she works) and said that she had a found a baby squirrel and wanted to know if they would take it from her.  She found the baby I think in a parking lot and decided to take it with her.  She put it in a box (I'm guessing) and decided that it would be best if the little baby slept in her car in the garage for the night.  This way her cat's wouldn't get to it.  The next day the lady went and did her errands and the baby was finally dropped off that evening.  Amy knew this baby hadn't had any warmth or food for almost 2 days.  Being that Amy worked at a pets supply store she bought a baby weening kit and set up a heat lamp.  She fed the little girl and kept her warm until she could deliver her to me late that night.  The little baby girl was absolutely beautiful and in good shape.  Amy, you did well!  Thank you for caring enough about this little one to make sure that she would make it.  I love people like Amy!  Whose hearts are huge and love nature.  I haven't posted any baby pics lately because I have been so very busy with the large numbers of babies that have been brought in.  But not to worry because I will be posting pics this weekend.  In the mean time know that little Miss Daisy is doing wonderful!

Thanks so much again you guys!

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