Monday, May 9, 2011

Little Laela...

Little Laela is all grown up now and should be moved to the release cage this week.  She is doing very well and it's really time for her to get out there on her own.  Now my husband on the other hand is having a hard time with letting her go.  By that I mean...when I told him today that she needs to be put outdoors his response is, "well lets wait a little bit longer until we know that the weather is nicer".   It was my intent to take her to Allegan to release her with the six squirrels that we took last week but my hubby just couldn't let her go.  So, she gets to be released in our yard.  He has grown a little too attached to Laela and it's quite funny really because he knows better!  He gets her out of her cage daily to "walk" her.  HAHA...yes, I said walk her.  He lets her climb on him while he will do things around the house.  The other night he even told me to warm her sock buddy for her so she had something warm to snuggle up to because she is by herself.  She is very fond of the big guy.  She licks him constantly.  He told me today that maybe I should be the one to put her out in the release cage so that way he wasn't the "bad guy".  I just said with a smile...Okay honey!  

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