Friday, April 15, 2011

Little Laela...

I received a call yesterday from Diane who lives in Grandhaven who said that she found a little grey squirrel and she had fallen from her nest.  They had this baby girl for 2-1/2 days and had named her Laela.  Laela didn't seem to be doing very well so she called WRC (Wildlife Rehab Center).  So Diane and her daughter Kaylee had drove in to Grand Rapids to meet me so that I could take her.  When I saw this little grey squirrel she was just so adorable and yet very fragile.  It brakes my heart that her momma doesn't have her baby anymore.  She was very weak and her breathing was fast and short.  I honestly didn't think that little Laela would make it through the night.  She made it through the night and after many small feedings of Pedialite she looked a little more active.  So I decided to take her to work with me and by the end of the work day she was doing much better.  She was moving around and starting to solid foods.  She does have some fluid on her lungs which she is now on an antibiotic for and we are hoping that she will be better in about 7 days.  Tonight she had her first bottle feeding of milk and boy o boy did she eat! I think little Laela will be just fine and she will soon be on her way to the great outdoors! 

To Diane and Kaylee, I would like to thank you for taking such good care of her and showing her so much love.  It does my heart good to meet kind, loving people like yourselves.

Oh and just a note to remember should you ever have to take care of a baby squirrel again always remember to get the nuts that are UNsalted.  

Here is a pic of Laela with her sock buddy.  I will post "nicer" photos of her tomorrow as I just took this pic with my cellular.

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