Saturday, February 22, 2014

Friend post #1

So I thought I would do my first "friend post" from my previous blog post of "those that surround you". 

My first post is of my lovely friend Hannah.  I met Hannah today for just some afternoon girl time.  We met up at the camera store and then we were off to mark off a couple of items on her list of stuff to get done.  I really enjoy spending time with her because she is just so laid back and has that "sure, that's fine" attitude.  She is super fun to go shopping with and the more I go shopping well I think the crazier it gets.  Seriously, when we are together it's a lot of ghetto talk and continued laughter.  The things I love most about her are well... her personality and her courage.  She is such a sweet girl who is so trusting and kind.  I love the fact that she is dead set on what type of man she wants to marry and the life that she will build with this person.  I like most that she never will let her values or her faith become tainted for any reason or for anyone.  She will not sacrifice one for the other.  I like it when we talk of the man that she wants to marry.  She wants him to have a strong faith in God and she wants him to be able to keep the faith for her children.  I like it that she has this all planned out and she won't sacrifice any of those dreams just to have a boyfriend/husband.  Hannah has a beautiful voice and I like it that when we're hanging together she is constantly blurting out a small chorus line over and over again.  I giggle a little every time she gives a blurt out with song.  When ever the music moves her.  I am pretty impressed with her talents as she is a singer, musician, photographer and quite the comedian.  She isn't afraid to do something new and she is always ready to do it at a moments notice.  I am twice Hannah's age (oh that sounds bad) but age is nothing but a number and has no bearing on a friendship and that I like. 

I am super lucky to have a someone like Hannah in my circle!  I love this girl!

She totally has no idea that I am even posting this about her so she might be mad at my choice for the picture. 

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