Saturday, March 15, 2014

My wonder dinner...

I have been planning all week to make a nice big dish of lasagna.   It's Saturday and I am doing it.  Noodles all set and the layering started.  On my 2nd layer I realized that I forgot to add a pound of cheese.  Ahh.. no biggie so I finished up the last layer on top and it's looking good.   I thought... Hmmmm it looks thin for some reason.   Well I was quick to remember that I totally forgot to add my meat mixture that I cooked up last night.  Ugg!  Well you can't just take it apart so to save my dinner I opened up another jar of sauce and mixed in the meat and added it to the top, added the cheese and sprinkled on the Parmesean.  Well let's hope it's not a total loss.  

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