Thursday, January 13, 2011

Oh the love....

I was driving home tonight from work and I was wondering what it was that I could blog about.  I truly just couldn't come up with anything that wouldn't put my friends to sleep!  But after getting my phone call from Mike tonight he told me a story and well...I told him that I just would not be able to keep this one quiet! 

For starters Austin (my son) asked me what was in the white bowl in the refrigerator.  I told him I wasn't sure and said well lets look at it.  It looked like milk with rice in it.  I told Austin that we should ask dad what it was first before just tossing it out.  So when Mike called I asked him what it was and he said (this is so funny) "Oh yea that is my cereal milk from breakfast this morning".   He said Jade (our dog, his favorite) was napping and he didn't want to wake her up so he put the cereal bowl in the fridge so that she could have it later.  Okay, now mind you Austin and I are he serious?  Did he really just save his cereal bowl for his dog for later?  What is additionally funny to me is that Mike was so serious and sincere when he was telling me!  I couldn't hold my laughter!  He is just so thoughtful sometimes it's amazing how thoughtful he is.  I told him that this would be my blog for tonight.

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